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After Christmas Hours

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Post 1 of 28 - Published on 2016-12-23

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Renys in the Maine Biz

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Post 2 of 28 - Published on 2016-03-01

Check us out in the news here:Windham Renys the next "sweet spot".

Renys in the News

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Post 3 of 28 - Published on 2016-02-26

An Excerpt from the Portland Press Herald1


John Reny, president of the Maine-based retail chain Renys, said his company has been able to fill open spots fairly easily. But he noted that Renys has kept many workers for years, so it usually doesn’t have to search for a large number of employees all at once.

However, filling jobs became a little more difficult last summer, he said, particularly at the company’s store in Wells, a town where thousands of seasonal jobs open up every year.

“We did have some problems finding people,” Reny said, and he worries the situation could be repeated in the upcoming summer, especially with the winter unemployment rate so low.

He said Renys plans a job fair in March to find 40 to 50 workers for its new Windham store, the company’s 17th, which is expected to open in April. The turnout will likely indicate whether it will be difficult to find new workers going forward, he said.

“That will be telling,” Reny said.



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