R.H. Reny Inc. 731 Route 1 Newcastle, Maine 04553 (207)563-3177

Employee Spotlight


Employee of the Month

How long have you been with Renys?

- About one year. Best career change ever!

What is your favorite product we sell?

- Carhartt and things in domestics - plush!


What are your Hobbies outside of work?

- My silkie Terrier. Road Trips. Beaches. Learning how to do things with one hand.


Best Customer Service Story?

- I tried out several outfits per request of grandparents who were buying for their grandson in Nebraska. I also had to translate Hebrew for Jewish summer camp youth.


Any pro tips for shopping at Renys?

- We are always changing stock around, so look for anyone in green and they can assist you!


Tell us a joke.

- "I never remember the punch lines"