Want to Sing the Renys’ Jingle?

  • Setup

    Get an HD camera and someone who can record and can also tell if the lighting is good.  Be sure to pay attention to the background.

    Make sure that same person, or someone else nearby,  has a way to collect quality audio (in other words, a good microphone!)

  • Record

    Sing your version of the Renys jingle!

    “Renys, (pause) A Maine Adventure!”

    Record a bunch of takes with your stopwatch. Be sure one version is under :04 seconds and another one is under :05 seconds. Continue looking at the camera when you’re done – don’t let the singer(s) sing and look away. Keep them looking at camera lens (the folks at home) for a couple seconds AFTER performing. This gives our editor time to work with and also gives the audience a second or two to soak in your beautiful sound.

    Please do not edit or add graphics.

  • Upload & Send

    Post your video to a (free) Vimeo account and send the link to sing@renys.com. Upload a couple versions of your unedited, raw videos to Vimeo. Even if they’re a little long – as long as the music part is under :04 or :05 seconds – we’ll take care of the editing.

    Tell us a little bit about your group or artist or instrument(s) and let us know how you’d like to be identified on the screen (first names only). We’ll add the name(s) or group.

    Please be sure to sign the downloadable TALENT RELEASE(S). Minors must also include a parent or guardian signature.


Refined musical talent is good… but not as important as enthusiasm. Keep it real. Get creative. We like creative. Have fun!

The better it looks and sounds and the more creative, the more airplay is likely.

If you have a particularly good idea or unusual, we may come to you!  Send your requests to sing@renys.com.

Hear the Jingle


You just might find yourself (yourselves) on TV or Renys’ Facebook page – we cannot guarantee that every video will make it to TV or Facebook, but we sure will try!