Does Renys have an online store?

Yes, Renys does have an online store. With the nature of our business being so diverse, our selection changes frequently. You can expect to see a consistent offering of Renys branded items, and an assortment of gift bundles on our online store.

Does Renys ship merchandise?

Yes, Renys can ship most items, and if you are looking for something that is not on our website, please send inquiries to online@renys.com, feedback@renys.com, or call our office at 207-563-3177. Shipping fees will apply.

Does Renys offer gift cards?

Yes, Renys gift cards are available at all 17 store locations. Gift cards can also be purchased safely in our online store. All of our issued gift cards are physically mailed out by USPS, with delivery expected 5-10 days from date of purchase, unless otherwise specified. Gift cards are non-refundable should they become lost.

How often do stores receive new merchandise?

All of our stores are as unique as the next, in both size and layout. Merchandise may vary by store, but each store typically receives new merchandise every day. With the exceptions of poor weather conditions and the month or January, you can expect to see our gray buckets making their way to a Renys store near you on a daily basis!

What is Renys Curbside pickup and how do I place my order?

Contact your favorite Renys location by calling them between 9M-5PM Monday thru Saturday or 10am-3pm Sundays. They can take your order over the phone and will coordinate a pickup time. No contact needed! Visit the Curbside Pickup page for more information.

Does Renys offer Layaway?

Yes, Renys offers a 60 day layaway option. With a minimum of 10% down to put the layaway on hold with payments of minimum of 10% of the balance every two weeks until you pick it up!

Does Renys accept coupons?

Yes, Renys accepts Manufacturers coupons at their face value only. If the item is a taxable item, the customer is responsible for paying the associated tax.