The Reny Charitable Foundation

Making A Difference: The Renys Way

Welcome to the Renys philanthropic page. At Renys, we want the communities where we do business to thrive. After all, it’s home to our employees and customers alike!

We feel very strongly about giving back to the people of the community, and each request is important and reviewed carefully for consideration; however, due to the number of requests, we are not able to accept every request that we receive.

Renys participates in giving back within the areas that we serve. We give back by contributing to a diverse group of local and national organizations that support a variety of causes. We join forces with partners like Camp Sunshine, Maine P-PODS, Good Shepherd Food Bank and American Cancer Society, Making Strides, and many other charitable entities.

Below are the four major areas in which the Renys Organization focuses its efforts:

  • - Education
  • - Community
  • - Environment
  • - Music

How to Submit Requests

You can request support through one of the four ways. Each request is important and reviewed carefully for consideration.

Donations Requests

If you are looking for a donation from Renys (school event, benefit banquet, etc.), please email your request to with the date, time, and donation requested. You may also visit your local Renys to pick up a Donation Request Form that the store can submit directly for you!

Sponsorship Requests

If you are looking for Renys to sponsor an event, please email your request, with as many details as possible including the event date, location, and amount requested to

Scholarship Requests

Every year the Renys Charitable Foundation gives scholarships to the high schools in each town within the state of Maine where we have a location.

The Renys Charitable Foundation

Please submit a one-page letter, with necessary attachments, describing the proposal, amount requested, specifics of where money will be spent, and timeline/schedule of the project and completion to the Reny Charitable Foundation, 731 US-1, Newcastle, ME 04553. We review proposals in the 4th quarter and will determine rewards/recipients before the end of the year.

Timeline For Donations and Sponsorship Requests

Below is a general timeframe regarding request deadlines. As a rule, it is most helpful to give us as much advance notice as possible regarding your event. We typically look for at least five months’ notice for larger events.

All requests should be submitted through Please use your event name, and area (as listed above), you are looking for consideration.

Activity At a Glance

To date, Renys has sponsored and donated over $70,000 in events throughout Maine. In 2022, we sent 56 scholarships to area high schools for students continuing their education at a trade, technical, community or 4-year college. 22 of these scholarships went to current Renys employees or employee’s family members. In 2021, the Renys Charitable Foundations donated nearly $400,000 over the year to causes throughout the state.