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        CAMP MIX Original - 4.1 oz

        Made by our friends in New Hampshire! CAMP MIX is an all-in-one seasoning mixture of garlic, onion, black pepper, salt, white pepper and celery salt. Great on anything really… even those Bloody Mary's!

        Renys 32 oz. Maine Maple Syrup

        Renys amber rich Maine maple syrup, grade A, 32oz. jug. Quality and value -that’s what makes Renys better than all the rest!

        Katahdin Coffee - Flavored Maine Whoopie Pie Ground

        Seductive and chocolaty. A real Maine treat!

        CAMP MIX Honey-Cinnamon - 3.5 oz

        Honey-Cinnamon CAMP MIX is a mouthwatering blend of brown sugar, honey solids and cinnamon. This CAMP MIX is a longtime family favorite breakfast topping to be used on a wide variety of breakfast foods as well as desserts!

        CAMP MIX Spud Fixin' - 3.5 oz

        Made by our friends in New Hampshire! Spud Fixin' CAMP MIX is a mild blend of seasonings that has tasty possibilities for every style of potato you might prepare as well as most other foods you eat!

        Necco Wafers Original Assorted Candy Roll

        Necco Wafers are back! They have rolled out across the nation throughout the Summer of 2020 and now they have made it to Renys!

        Katahdin Coffee - Baxter Blend Ground

        Full-bodied, and hearty, and comforting with a pleasant aftertaste!

        Katahdin Coffee - Breakfast Blend Ground

        Mild, smooth, Katahdin's lightest roast, delightfully aromatic.

        Black Fly Roast - Dark Roast Ground Coffee

        Roasted by Wicked Joe's - Black Fly Roast - For that buzz that just wont go away! 12 oz bag of dark roast ground coffee. Only at Renys!

        Wicked Joe - Maine State Parks Blend Ground Coffee

        Earthy, milk chocolate, and subtle caramel!

        Look's Atlantic Clam Chowder

        Look's Atlantic Premium New England Style Clam Chowder Made by our Friends in Whiting, Maine! 15oz

        Wicked Joe - Allagash Blend Ground Coffee

        Smooth, dark chocolate, caramel, with a hint of roast on the finish!