Renys Jingle


Get your smartphone or an HD camera.

(Wait, do people still use cameras that aren’t phones?) Is the lighting good? Is the background uncluttered and easy on the eyes? Be sure to pay attention to the lighting and the background.

Hold your camera sideways. HORIZONTAL VIDEO please... like a TV screen. ??

If you have a microphone, EXCELLENT. If you’re using the phone mic, be sure the audio is strong. Reduce extra sounds when possible.

ACTION! (four seconds and five seconds).

Sing or play your version of the Renys jingle!

“Renys, (pause) A Maine Adventure!”

Record a bunch of takes and be sure the singing part is under 4 seconds on at least one take. We run :04s and :05s on TV. The “performance” should be under 4 seconds and another one under :05 seconds…

Even though the performance is under :04 and under :05, the video file should be 6 or 7 seconds to give us space to edit. Give us a little room at the beginning and the end…. make sure the performer(s) stay to the camera ‘til the VERY END.

KEEP LOOKING AT THE CAMERA WHEN DONE. There is a strong urge is to look away when done…. Keep the talent looking at camera lens (for the folks at home) for a couple seconds AFTER performing. Don’t be afraid to smile. This gives our editor time to work and also gives the audience a second or two to soak in your beautiful sound.

Don’t bother with titles and graphics. Just leave us room across the bottom. Just tell us the name of the group or the first name(s) for individuals.

Don’t shoot too close… shoot a little wider and we can zoom in during the edit if needed.

We’ll add the graphics. No posters, signs, titles or banners please.


Post your video to a (free) Vimeo account and send the link to These are raw videos. Again, we’ll edit them and add the graphics (Renys logo and name of group or performer(s) As long as the music part is under 4 or 5 seconds – we’ll take care of the rest.

IMPORTANT: If you use Vimeo, please be sure you go to “settings” and make the video “downloadable”. Otherwise, we get to enjoy it… but no one else does.

Also IMPORTANT: Please be sure to sign the downloadable TALENT RELEASE(S). Minors must also include a parent or guardian signature.